The Truth about Credit Repair

The truth about credit repair is that even immediately after a bankruptcy, you may qualify for a credit card with some companies if you are employed and have a checking account. Some companies will approve your application even if you are unemployed. This does not mean that bankruptcy is the best option for credit repair. It is not even a good credit repair option. It is simply meant to offer a little encouragement to those who are frustrated and believe that there is nothing they can do.


San Jose Credit Repair Pros help people with low credit scores and those who have recently filed for bankruptcy. If you qualify for a  credit card but not for cards with lower interest rates, it is essential to pay the balance each month. Generally, the line of credit will be very low anyway, but it is still important to control your expenses. The truth about credit repair is that establishing a good payment history will help. It does not precisely compensate for bad credit, but if you can get a credit card and cancel the balance monthly, the credit card companies will generally increase your credit line. This will improve your credit score. There are many factors that determine a person’s credit score and one is the amount of credit available versus the credit used.

The truth about credit repair is that negative items do not have to remain on your credit report for an extended period. They can be eliminated by the credit bureaus or by the creditors who reported the negative items in the first place. The best credit repair programs include disputes with the credit bureau and goodwill intervention with creditors. The worst credit repair tip is to wait between five and seven years for the information to “fall off” from your credit report. The truth about credit repair is that if you dispute an item on your credit report and the credit agency cannot verify it, then you should eliminate it.

best specialists in credit repairEven the best specialists in credit repair will advise consumers that the whole process takes a long time and can be frustrating. This is the truth about credit repair, but that does not mean you are “stuck” with bad credit for your whole life or even for several years. People who have the time, patience and knowledge can achieve results in a matter of weeks or months. If you do not have the time, patience or know-how, you can hire a credit repair company. The best credit repair companies are associated with law firms. They do not recommend illegal actions, such as providing false information in credit applications. They are honest and honest about their fees. The best credit repair law firms can help you achieve results, do a lot of work for you and get the most out of the frustration of the process.

The truth about credit repair is that you must pay your bills. You must pay pending judgments or penalties, but the truth about credit repair is that you can call a creditor who has reported a punishment or judgment and negotiate the removal of the negative report. Once you have paid the creditor, they have no real desire to leave the negative information on your report.

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